Banco Safra Branches and ATMs in Sao Paulo State, Brazil

Banco Safra Branches and ATMs in Sao Paulo State, Brazil list with name of branch or ATM, location address information, contacts (phone / fax) and working hours:

List of Banco Safra Offices and ATMs in cities of Sao Paulo state, Brazil with location addresses, contact phone numbers and bank clearing codes.

Banco Safra S.A. Branch Alphaville
Alameda Rio Negro 1084 – Lj. 02 – Alphaville
Barueri/SP CEP: 06.454-000
Phone: (11) 41666530
Bank clearing code: 141

Banco Safra S.A. Branch Bauru
R. Rio Branco, 24-65 – Jardim Estoril Iv
Bauru/SP CEP: 17.016-190
Phone: (14) 31044000
Bank clearing code: 146

Banco Safra S.A. Branch Cambui
Rua Olavo Bilac, 101 – Cambui – Campinas/Sp
Campinas/SP CEP: 13.024-110
Phone: (19) 37538500
Bank clearing code: 122

Banco Safra S.A. Branch Campinas
Rua Dr. Costa Aguiar, 700 – Centro
Campinas/SP CEP: 13.010-061
Phone: (19) 37338500
Bank clearing code: 10

Banco Safra S.A. Branch Nova Campinas
Rua Odila Maria Rocha Brito, 527 – Nova Campinas
Campinas/SP CEP: 13.092-110
Phone: (19) 21036800
Bank clearing code: 152

Banco Safra S.A. Branch Guarulhos
Rua Felicio Marcondes, 365 – Centro
Guarulhos/SP CEP: 07.010-030
Phone: (11) 64724100
Bank clearing code: 20

Banco Safra S.A. Branch Cumbica
Aeroporto Internacional De Cumbica – Cumbica
Guarulhos/SP CEP: 07.141-970
Phone: (11) 64138100
Bank clearing code: 33

Banco Safra S.A. Branch Jundiai
Rua Rangel Pestana, 295 – Centro
Jundiaí/SP CEP: 13.201-000
Phone: (11) 45834370
Bank clearing code: 51

Banco Safra S.A. Branch Osasco
Rua Antonio Agu 1015/1023 – Centro
Osasco/SP CEP: 06.013-000
Phone: (11) 36522200
Bank clearing code: 126

Banco Safra S.A. Branch Piracicaba
Praca Jose Bonifacio, 783 – Centro
Piracicaba/SP CEP: 13.400-240
Phone: (19) 34378500
Bank clearing code: 42

Banco Safra S.A. Branch Alto Da Boa Vista
Rua Inácio Luiz Pinto, 82 – Alto Da Boa Vista
Ribeirão Preto/SP CEP: 14.025-680
Phone: (16) 39136560
Bank clearing code: 1490

Banco Safra S.A. Branch Ribeirao
Rua Duque De Caxias, 521 – Centro
Ribeirão Preto/SP CEP: 14.015-020
Phone: (16) 39774933
Bank clearing code: 12

Banco Safra S.A. Branch Corporate Ribeirão
Avenida Presidente Vargas, 2164 – Centro
Ribeirão Preto/SP CEP: 14.025-700
Phone: (16) 21115555
Bank clearing code: 169

Banco Safra S.A. Branch Sao Jose Dos Campos
Avenida Nove De Julho 95 – Lojas 02 E 04 – Centro
São José Dos Campos/SP CEP: 12.243-000
Phone: (12) 39244400
Bank clearing code: 135

Banco Safra S.A. Branch Sorocaba
Rua Sao Bento, 141 – Centro
Sorocaba/SP CEP: 18.010-030
Phone: (15) 33318500
Bank clearing code: 41

Location: Brazil, Sao Paulo
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