Banco Itau Branches and ATMs in Rondonia State, Brazil

List of Banco Itau Offices and ATMs in cities of Rondonia state, Brazil with location addresses, contact phone numbers and bank clearing codes.

Banco Itaú Branch Porto Velho-Ro
Rua Jose De Alencar, 2968 – Centro
Porto Velho/RO CEP: 78.900-500
Phone: (69) 2231800
Bank clearing code: 663

Banco Itaú Branch Porto Velho Patrocinio
Rua Jose Do Patrocinio, N 703 – Parte – Centro
Porto Velho/RO CEP: 76.801-068
Phone: (11) 40044828
Bank clearing code: 8146

Banco Itaú Branch Porto Velho/Jatuarana
Av. Jatuarana, 4.114 – Conceição
Porto Velho/RO CEP: 78.910-250
Phone: (11) 50198135
Bank clearing code: 7368

Banco Itaú Branch Porto Velho/Nacoes Unidas
Av. Nacoes Unidas, 716 – Nacoes Unidas
Porto Velho/RO CEP: 78.915-040
Phone: (69) 2242814
Bank clearing code: 1592

Banco Itaú Branch Ariquemes (Ro)
Av. Canaã, 3410 – Setor 1
Ariquemes/RO CEP: 78.931-010
Phone: (11) 40044828
Bank clearing code: 7946

Banco Itaú Branch Cacoal (Ro)
Av. Porto Velho, 2445 – Centro
Cacoal/RO CEP: 78.976-030
Phone: (11) 40044828
Bank clearing code: 7945

Banco Itaú Branch Ji-Parana-Ro
Av. Marechal Rondon, 440 – Centro
Ji-Paraná/RO CEP: 85.960-000
Phone: (69) 4422549
Bank clearing code: 1350

Banco Itaú Branch Vilhena-Ro
Av. Major Amarante, 2947 – Centro
Vilhena/RO CEP: 78.902-188
Phone: (69) 3211262
Bank clearing code: 1133

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Banco Itau is a Brazilian bank headquartered in São Paulo. It is the arm of Itaú Unibanco Holding SA, which offers finance and insurance services to tens of millions of customers, operating in more than 27 countries. Read more »

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