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Experts lowered the forecast for GDP growth in Brazil

Experts lowered the forecast for GDP growth in BrazilEconomists have lowered the economic growth forecast for Brazil for this and the next few years. In their view, inflation will negatively affect the economy of the leading countries in Latin America.  Read more »

Brazilian real continues to free-fall

Brazilian real continues to free-fallBrazilian real continues to show weakness and reduced to the dollar for six consecutive days. The Central Bank and a the Finance Ministry are working together to prevent a collapse in currency and debt markets.  Read more »

Brazil’s central bank raised the rate

Brazil central bank raised the rateThe Brazilian economy has once again disappointed analysts in the I quarter of 2013 Incentives of President Dilma Rousseff could not help producers and consumers, fearful of rising inflation, have been slow to spend their money.  Read more »

Brazilian real hit four-year low

Brazilian real hit four-year lowBrazilian Real hit four-year low, forcing the Central Bank to re-enter the market, while inflation accelerated more than expected.
Brazilian Real last month fell by 6.7% against the dollar.  Read more »